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COUNTRY QUEEN is a family drama series set in contemporary Kenya that centres on Akisa, a Nairobi IT girl estranged from her family and village, Tsilanga. When her father falls ill, Akisa returns to a community divided after a mining company discovers gold on their land.


This is a David vs Goliath story that pits ordinary Kenyans against a large power that threatens to destroy their homes. The issues of land grabbing and exploitation form the tapestry against which the fractured personal lives and relationships of our main characters play out. The fight for land becomes a fight for redemption, truth and facing the consequences of one’s own choices.


COUNTRY QUEEN was created in 2017 by a writers’ room comprising 10 Kenyan creatives with vast experience in visual storytelling, with the assistance of Good Karma Fiction, Germany. The writers include Lydia Matata, Annette Shadeya, Mkamzee Mwatela, Shirleen Wangari, Oprah Oyugi, Wanjeri Gakuru, Kimani Waweru, Florence Onyango, Ian Kithinji and Kamau Wandung'u. The writers underwent a series of workshops run by Brazilian Telenovela specialists James McSill & Carla Böhler.


Good Karma Fiction GmbH & Tililiz Pictures LTD are grateful to Dr. Annette Massmann (GLS) & Dr. Berthold Weig (BMZ) who believed in the COUNTRY QUEEN project from the start. 

Gratitude is given to the Federal German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Deutsche Welle Akademie and GLS Future Foundation for Development for funding the project.





































The pilot episode was shot between 7th - 25th January 2019 across various stunning locations in Nairobi, Machakos and Kajiado counties. It involved 45 actors, 51 crew members and 160 extras.


The pilot was produced by Good Karma Fiction GmbH in partnership with Kenyan Production company, Tililiz Pictures and boasts world-class production quality.

Watch our Behind The Scenes Video here.

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