Blood . Gold . Love
When an invasive mining company threatens the existence of her village, a city girl caught between two worlds must return home, overcome her painful past to save the village and find herself in the process.  

COUNTRY QUEEN is a family drama series set in contemporary Kenya that centres on Akisa, a Nairobi IT girl estranged from her family and village, Tsilanga. When her father falls ill, Akisa returns to a community divided after a mining company discovers gold on their land.


This is a David vs Goliath story that pits ordinary Kenyans against a large power that threatens to destroy their homes. The issues of land grabbing and exploitation form the tapestry against which the fractured personal lives and relationships of our main characters play out. The fight for land becomes a fight for redemption, truth and facing the consequences of one’s own choices.




Akisa (26) is a beautiful and ambitious event planner for major players in Nairobi’s social upper crust.

She is tenacious and has a stubborn streak that serves her well in her work and private life. However, Akisa actually prefers to avoid conflict and is given to superficiality.



Kyalo (27) is the classic reluctant hero. He tries to live a solitary life as a small-scale farmer due to a dark past in the city that ostracizes him from his father and the rest of the village.


He would prefer to live his life on the sidelines but when he sees an injustice taking place he’s compelled to intervene, a result of spending time with Mwalimu.


played by Melvin Alusa


Vivienne (44) is intelligent, ruthless, driven with a sharp tongue. Her words cut deep and make you feel small at the same time. These traits come in handy as the CEO of Eco-Rock, a mining company with its eye on Tsilanga’s vast gold wealth.

Vivienne is practical rather than sentimental. To her, all progress is good, no matter what the cost.

Her craving for power and supremacy hints to her tortured childhood and her forced and precarious young marriage to Gor, the founder of Eco-Rock.


played by Nini Wacera


Maxwell “Max” Sibala (37) is a tall, charming former gangster married to VIVIENNE.

Once a young boxing champion with a mean right hook, he now puts that dark energy and street-smarts into running the seedy side of his wife’s mining company. They met when Max worked as the chauffeur and muscle for VIVIENNE’s late husband before a genuine and co-dependent relationship blossomed between them.



Mwalimu (65) is always looking for an opportunity to teach. A natural born leader, he is strong willed and steadfast in his beliefs. The mighty oak with firm roots which will never bend no matter how strong the wind.

When Eco-Rock and all its ills rolls into town, he sees it as his duty as village elder to show Tsilanga the right path. All the while fighting with his own brothers Titus and Musa over the land.


played by Raymond Ofula


Anna (27) is Tsilanga’s chief clinical officer and is the lovable girl-next-door. Diligent, smart and nurturing, she is a bright spark in a village humming with old secrets.

Assigned to Tsilanga by the government and therefore an outsider, she chose to date KYALO despite the murmurs of disapprovement surrounding him.


played by Sheila Munyiva


Esther (55) is MWALIMU’s wife and a quiet homemaker. Practical and conservative to the point of closed-mindedness, she wears her pain on her face; “life is hard” is almost etched across it.

Resigned to the fact that she lost her daughter AKISA’s love and admiration a long time ago, Esther shows motherly affection towards ANNA and they form an easy friendship.  


played by Mumbi Kaigwa


Josiah (10) is inquisitive and has that ignorant fearlessness that only a child can have. He’s inquisitive and sharp unlike many his age and isn’t one you can pull a fast one on.

He got these traits after having to fend for himself on the streets after running away from home.


played by Brian Kisau